Thursday, October 1, 2020


KOL3RA is one man band at this moment. So I am that only member and I play all the instruments on the songs excluding drums that are machine.

My name is Mika Kangas and I am 49 years old musician from Finland. I was in several bands when I was younger and also worked at the recording studio mixing and recording music for bands. Then I had to move from middle Finland to south Finland because there was no jobs where I lived and music and studio work was not enough to support my living. I moved to south and because I had no money and no contacts in music I sold all my music gear and so I went for many years without making any music. Then few years ago I got keybords and guitar again and from there on music has been my life again.

I live now in the middle of forrest where make my music in my home studio alone at the moment so this is a one man project for now. Maybe in the future this develop to a real band.


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