Friday, October 9, 2020

Neural Cave - Seven Auras (Dark ambient music project)


                                                                 "Enter the depths of your mind"

                                                (Dark ambient music project)


Neural Cave is a dark / drone ambient project launched in September 2020 by Gem,

    music musician, member of the Madrid bands Malavita and Tötenwolf.

After years of being interested in the behavior of the so-called “auditory drugs” (binaural waves) on the human mind,

decides to create this project, carrying out the composition and production of it,

in which dark and hypnotic sequences are combined with said waves,

specifically treated so that they are captured in an almost subliminal way and exert a relaxing and enveloping effect on the mind.

As his first release, he premieres "Seven Auras", 7 songs composed in 7 nights,

which are flowing as the disc advances,

immersing you in a deep journey into your subconscious.

In this work waves are used:

-Theta (associated with the first phases of sleep and responsible for facilitating the reception of new information in our brain)

-Delta (associated with deep sleep and ample relaxation)

- Alpha (associated with brain activity in a “resting” state)

All of them responsible for causing states of relaxation in humans, decreased anxiety,

treatment of emotions, simplification of memories, etc.



"Seven Auras" available as a digital download through Bandcamp:





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