Monday, October 26, 2020



Pitchfork Syndicate and Sliptrick Records present the new single "Mercy". The video has over 10 thousand views on its first day and the song/video are getting amazing reviews!
We wanted to send out the video before the MP3 and we want to grant interviews to those who reply and want the MP3.
Interviews will go to those who respond first and are first come first serve. Just let us know so we can set you up first this will be a hot ticket!

Devil In The Mist - ( copywrite 2020 Mercy )  Featuring GIA G/ Gia Federico , Katy Reign , Mark Geanakakis , Paul Angle , Jeff Chaves . Video takes off where our last music video  Secret leaves off . Filmed by Katy Reign , Gia Federico , Richard Marr.  Film Edited by Katy Reign . Song recorded at Galaxy Park Studio by Richard Marr , Interwoven Studio by Gia Federico . Engineered , mixed , mastered at Galaxy Park Studio by Richard Marr . Make up , Hair done by GIA G , Katy Reign .  
Devil In The Mist is signed with @SliptrickRecordsTV  . Managed by Pitch fork Syndicate .  GIA G  is Endorsed with  @Seymour Duncan  Coffin Case ,Emperor Cabinets, SIT Strings , ZT Amplifier , WB Gear , Best Tronics Cables , Swiss picks , Pick Guy Guitar Picks , Viper Guitars , Revv Amplifier , Big Bends Nut Sauce 
GIA G also uses  @JacksonGuitarsUSA   @Marshall Amplification  @Peavey Electronics  @OfficialFloydRose    To purchase Devil In The Mist music , go to any of these sites -  CD Baby -


Devil In The Mist is -  
GIA G / Gia Federico - Guitars , Keyboards 
Katy Reign - Vocals

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