Saturday, October 24, 2020

NIGHT LEAGUE – NIGHT LEAGUE (Review by Varg The Migthy )

Today’s review is of Norwegian Heavy Metal duo Night League’s debut self-titled album.
Starting off in a style very similar to NWOBHM with “Trashing Revolt”, this band reminds us of the forgotten gems of the style, like Raven, Samson or Thunderstick. But as the album keeps playing, the songs take a turn and sound flawlessly like Scorpions, especially like the transitional period of Taken By Force or Lovedrive on songs like “Rise From The Ruins”, and even something like the legendary Lonesome Crow on the last track, “Unholy Union”.
Besides the slight synthesisers, to add more to the atmosphere of the late 70’s, you also have a balanced combination of male and female vocals, with each in their most suited parts, but also with long instrumental parts to make the album a bit psychedelic. There are also incredible solos that don’t break the old-school ambience of the rhythm.
I definitely recommend this album to fans of 70’s Rock, Psychedelic Rock and NWOBHM. I give this album a solid 9/10.

                                                        Review by Varg The Migthy


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