Saturday, October 24, 2020

Nordic Noise 2021: new Danish names


in record time, and with great success, turned into a streaming event "Streaming For Vengeance". Here we saw how fans continued to stand together on the music - just at home in front of the screen.

The fact is, though, that the live scene is under heavy pressure and we can all feel it. But even in the most difficult times, music now stands just like the little light in the dark. A light on a better future. And it is with this hope that today, with pride, we can unveil another handful of names for Nordic Noise 2021.

A Danish thrash classic flanked by 3 exciting Danish heavy metal bands:

Hatesphere needs almost no introduction. Pepe and co. has since the beginning of the 00's formed a school for how modern and hard-hitting thrash should sound! A Hatesphere concert is a show of pure energy and smash! Get the pit going!

With the release of the debut "Untaken" from 2019, Pectora has cemented itself as a safe bet for anyone with a penchant for classic heavy metal. Of course rich in large amounts of falsetto, guitar harmonies and strong choruses! New album is on the way!

Meridian is the sound of melodic heavy rock! Great chorus and amazing guitar solos. During 2020, the band has released 6 cover songs. All with a focus on the 80's great songs and everything from Phil Collins to Van Halen and A-Ha have been driven through the Meridian machinery.

Justify Rebellion shines youthful luster over Nordic Noise 2021. The thrash metal band from Slagelse released their latest album "The Ends Justify The Means" earlier this year. So it is with a brand new album in the back that these young boys go to the steel at Nordic Noise 2021.

With these 4 new names in place on the poster for Nordic Noise, we are now seriously working on the skeleton for what will be an absolutely terrific festival in Amager Bio on 7-8 May 2021!

Info about ticket sales
Ticket sales are in full swing and at present, according to the authorities' current guidelines, at the time of writing there are only 80 tickets left for sale. This is because the vast majority of you have chosen to keep the ticket from 2020. We would like to say 1000 thanks for that!

If you are going to join Nordic Noise 2021, it is time to strike now via Here you will be able to see the different tickets we offer.

Amager Bio 7-8 May

Transport League
Justify Rebellion
+ more

Justify Rebellion

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