Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Odd Palace - One Step Closer - Prime Collective Release: 30 October 2020

After their debut, Copenhagen-based prog-rockers ODD PALACE made waves, heaping praise for their original sound and impeccable songwriting. Having raised havoc on stages all around Europe including Tech-Fest UK, Euroblast and Prime Is Coming, ODD PALACE are now ready to conquer more hearts with their strongest work to date, their second LP 'One Step Closer'. 

With their second full length release, the band presents a refined and refreshed take on their unique musical universe. While the songwriting and vocal melodies are being presented from a more catchy and condensed point of view, the riffs have grown increasingly heavier than on their previous releases. 

“This release is both a reflection of a cohesive and evolved musical expression, as well as an example of how great musicianship and originality can coexist with catchy songwriting and commercial appeal. With this body of work we feel as were surely taking one step closer to making our mark on the scene”, vocalist Gert Børsting explains. 

The upcoming album is engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt (Siamese, CABAL, MØL) and co-produced by Mirza Radonjica (Siamese, MØL, Ghost Iris). ‘One Step Closer’ i set to be released on October 30 through Prime Collective.


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