Thursday, October 8, 2020

Pre-orders for Dead Head's new re-issue "Kill Division" online now!



Pre-order the new Dead Head re-issue "Kill Division" now! 

Take no prisoners, intense old school Thrash Metal! For fans of: Merciless, Sadus, Dark Angel and Possessed. Pre-order the album now:

EU and world:

Dead Head was formed in 1989 in the Zwolle/Kampen area in The Netherlands. Straight from the start the band portrayed a hard working ethic and released several demos and did a ton of live shows. The band also released two full length albums before they started working on their soon-to-be-classic third album ‘Kill Division’. This album was the epitome of brutal riffs, pounding drums, aggressive vocals and finally accompanied by a production that was able to compete with the big names in the thrash metal genre. This neck-breaking, gut-wrenching piece of ungodly art shook the scene but was unfortunately met with lacking promotion and a decent distribution. Luckily in 2020 ‘Kill Division’ will be re-issued on 2-CD and LP by Petrichor so the world can re-acquaint itself with this masterpiece of sheer brutality and refined haunting melodies.

•  All audio is restored and remastered by Bertus Westerhuis (God Dethroned, Nembrionic, Altar)
•  LP comes with download card
•  First time on vinyl
•  CD comes as a deluxe 2-CD with slipcase
•  The bonus CD contains all demo’s and a Slayer cover

Listen to "Six" here:

Slipcase 2-CD
180 Grams LP (Red vinyl)
180 Grams LP (Black vinyl)

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