Friday, October 23, 2020

Strange New Dawn: Norway Progressive Metallers Release New Video The Symphony of the Universe

Norwegian Metallers Strange New Dawn have released the second video The Symphony of the Universe from their album Planet System! The band comments on Social Media: "Still corona crisis all around. As we're a little bored while waiting for the opportunity to play live, we've made a new music video. Check it out."

The sophomore album of Strange New Dawn, Planet System, is an eclectic mix of progressive metal, aeonic atmospheres and classic prog sensibilities. The original mix of music will appeal as much to fans of their previous bands as to fans of King Crimson and Pink Floyd. The band have released a music video for their lead single Ashes to Dust.

The album is available to stream on all digital music services. For all those who prefer hard copy CDs order via

ExRoyal - Vocal
Exbotteri - Ebow & Guitar
Muld - Piano & Keys
C:MBotteri - Bass
Sven Rothe - Drums

Strange New Dawn is the band founded by ex-In The Woods & ex-Green Carnation members, the Botteri twins. The music they create is a continuation of their work with their previous bands, forged in their own unique and timeless style.

Strange New Dawn - The Symphony of the Universe


1. Heartfull of Stranger
2. Eternal World
3. Symbol of Stones
4. Finally Saved
5. Waiting for the Day
6. Masterplan
7. Before the Millennium
8. Sky Creator
9. The Symphony of the Universe
10. Vision and Sight
11. My Confession
12. Into Pandemonium
13. Ashes to Dust

The album is available to stream on all digital music services, and on CD via
Black-Roos Entertainment Website


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