Saturday, October 31, 2020

  The album will be released on Friday, November 5, and shipments are on the 4th. The pack will be limited. And the price of the cd will go up after the preorder.
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We celebrate the 5th anniversary of the departure of I begin to beat

5 years have passed since I decided to create Cherokee, a band in which I can unleash my most deeply rooted influences.

From that dream was born the first work of Cherokee, I begin to beat, an ep that contained 5 songs of pure hard & Heavy and that was very well received by both the musical media and the public.

Now we have decided that this work deserves to have a new opportunity to reach more people, since at that time we were lucky enough to exhaust everything that was public.

And with the help of Demons Records, we reissued Beginning to beat with a format more in keeping with the Cherokee style and with some extra songs to in this way thank our tribe for their support and for always being by our side.

Faced with this current situation of not being able to go on tour and only having the option of offering material to our tribe, what better way than to bring back the first job while waiting for the next releases that Cherokee have already planned.

Thank you all very much for staying at the foot of the battle and we hope you like this new edition of I start to beat.
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