Saturday, October 31, 2020

'Watch Dogs: Legion' to include Anaal Nathrakh, Angel Witch, and Bolt Thrower on in game soundtrack



The brand-new Ubisoft title Watch Dogs: Legion was released worldwide today on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Stadia, PC, and will be released on the forthcoming Playstation 5. Metal fans might be surprised to hear three towering British bands - Anaal Nathrakh, Angel Witch, and Bolt Thrower - while exploring the streets of near-future London.

The tracks featured are as follows:
--Anaal Nathrakh "Hold Your Children Close and Pray for Oblivion" from The Whole of the Law (2016)
--Angel Witch "Death from Andromeda" from Angel of Light (2019)
--Bolt Thrower "Inside the Wire" from Honour Valour Pride (2001)

About Watch Dogs: Legion
In Watch Dogs: Legion, near future London is facing its downfall…unless you do something about it. Build a resistance, fight back, and give the city back to the people. It's time to rise up.

For more information, visit the Watch Dogs: Legion page at:

Anaal Nathrakh:

Angel Witch:

Bolt Thrower:


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