Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Weesp from Belarus have released their brand new album “Боль” (which means ‘Pain’ in Belarussian). The sound is heavy and pensive, so are the meanings that’ve been put into this music.

The album was recorded in spring 2020 and the release was postponed several times for different reasons (Covid and the revolution happening now in Belarus). But especially now in view of the protests in Belarus the messages of the ‘Pain’ are particularly relevant.

From the band: “We’ve been raised in an atmosphere of fear, injustice and hopelessness. At the same time we’ve always been surrounded by so many talented people that managed to move ahead and create beautiful things in spite of everything. We see their pain. We feel this pain too. So we wanted to bring hope, faith and support to this album message.”

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Weesp say they are planning a tour to support “Hurt” after the victory of the revolution in Belarus. Until then, the band might put on a few shows.


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