Friday, October 16, 2020

WINTER’S VERGE – album “The Ballad of James Tig” (September 11, 2020, Pride & Joy, Germany)

Winter’s Verge is one of Cyprus’ most successful metal bands. Since its formation in 2005, the band has so far released 4 full studio albums and 3 Eps, and built a strong reputation as one of the most exciting live acts in Cyprus, with a powerful blend of epic, melodic and symphonic metal. The band is made up of 6 of the most experienced and respected musicians in the Cypriot rock and metal scene – George Charalambous on vocals, Deniel Pavlovsky and Savvas Parperi on guitars, Stavry Michael on keys, Miguel Trapezaris on bass and Danny Georgiou on drums.

Winter’s Verge’s music is highly conceptual and takes place within a mythological realm called Tiberon – all songs and lyrics take place within this world, allowing fans to explore the themes, characters and locations for their own interpretation.

Winter’s Verge’s first full-length release was 2008’s Eternal Damnation, recorded at Prophecy & Music Factory Studios in Germany under the guidance of R.D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy, Devil’s Train, Valley’s Eve) and Christian Schmid, and released on LMP Records. The album was positively received by critics and fans alike, containing beloved tracks like ‘Eternal Damnation’, ‘My Winter Sun’ and ‘To You I Sail Tonight’. Winter’s Verge’s reputation grew with the release and metal fans around the world started taking notice. Winter’s Verge then released 2010’s Tales of Tragedy, this time on Massacre Records. The album was highly regarded by the metal press and developed the band’s sound further, with fan favourites like ‘The Captain’s Log’, ‘I Swear Revenge’ and ‘Reflections of the Past’. The release of the album coincided with a European tour with power metal legends Stratovarius, which won the band thousands of new fans.

2012 brought us the Massacre Records release Beyond Vengeance. This album was also critically acclaimed and was followed by extensive live performances, where tracks like ‘Unto the Darkness’, ‘Not Without a Fight’ and ‘Dying’ becoming staples of the live setlist. After a brief hiatus and line up changes, the band had a newfound sense of purpose and Winter’s Verge got back to business, recording the band’s 4th album, ‘IV’, for independent release in 2015.

With a more direct and hard sound thanks to the dual guitar lineup, but no less epic than previous albums, Winter’s Verge received a strong reception for the fourth and eagerly anticipated album. Songs like ‘Break Down the Walls’, ‘Father’s Vow’, ‘Reborn at Dawn’ and ‘Call from the Deep’ were quickly accepted as new live favourites by the fans.

The album was supported by Winter’s Verge’s second European tour in 2016 visiting and winning new fans in countries like Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, and an appearance at the Metalhead Meeting festival in Romania.

After a short break Winter’s Verge got back to the business of writing and recording the next release, the EP entitled Wolves of Tiberon released in 2016. This concept EP further explored the world of Tiberon that exists as a setting for Winter’s Verge mythology, giving more details, characters and stories for the deep mythology. Songs such as ‘I am Wolf’, ‘The Pirate Hound’ and ‘For the King’ are widely regarded as some of the best Winter’s Verge songs to date, taking the music to new heights of complexity, technicality, concepts and scope.


Now in 2020, after 3 years in the making, Winter’s Verge are ready to release one of their most ambitious projects to date, The Ballad of James Tig. With a concept and lyrics by renowned local author and playwright Frixos Masouras, the new album is another concept storyline with a huge sounding scope and symphonic sound that Winter’s Verge fans are sure to love.






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