Saturday, November 7, 2020

Apostles Of Perversion - Scars (Brutal Death Metal - Canary Islands)

Apostles Of Perversion was born in 2002 in Madrid (Spain). His first training was
composed of Héctor Sena (ex-Exorce), Guillemoth (Wormed, Human Mincer) and Kuba (Bloodoline).
Later, Héctor moved to Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) and there he continued with the
The first Apostles Of Perversion formation on the islands consisted of
Héctor Sena (guitar), Pedro Del Rosario (guitar), Alejandro Rodríguez (bass), Jesús Ojeda
(drums, ex-Witches' Sabbath), and Fernando De La Coba as vocalist, the latter being
later replaced by Daniel Martínez (ex-Ossuary).
With this formation the band performed their first concerts, opening for bands such as
Napalm Death, Destruction, Avulsed, Wormed or DarkTranquility. Later, in 2006, Apostles
Of Perversion made the recording of their first demo, “IntracranialHypertension”.
After several line-up changes that led to a break in the band, Apostles Of
Perversion has only two members in its ranks, Héctor Sena and Jonathan Reina (drums,
Necroven), who recorded in 2011 the MCD “Meeting Of Atrocities”, edited through
Once “Meeting Of Atrocities” was released, Saúl Morales (bass) and
Michael Sinner (voice). With this formation the band carried out its first tour of South America in 2012,
which included nine concerts in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

Between 2013 and 2015 the band once again underwent new line-up changes, leaving
vacancies filled with the return of Alejandro Rodríguez (guitar), in addition to the new
additions, Pedro Burgazzoli (bassist, ex-Scandelion) and Luis Les (drums). They, along with Héctor
Sena and Michael Sinner made the recording of their first CD, “Revenge Beyond The Grave”,
edited in 2016 again via PathologicallyExplicitRecordings, performing
later the band its second South American tour, this time comprising thirteen dates in
Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.
In 2017 Luis Les leaves the band and his place as drummer is occupied by Gabriel Artina
(Atrexial, Famishgod, ex-Ered, ex-Wrong).
Currently, 2019, the band, with the new members, Pablo Blanco on drums
(Zeit, ex-Lapidated, ex-Rencor) and Esteban Rivero on guitar, completed with Pedro Burgazzoli on
bass, Héctor Sena on guitar and Miguel Nuñéz on vocals, have produced a new album; Scars of
to Sick Mind, and made a third tour of South American territory including Brazil, Uruguay and
Argentina, with Miguel “Peluca” Borges on vocals for said tour.

- Michael Sinner "The Impaler" (Voice)
- Héctor Sena (Guitar)
- Esteban Rivero (Guitar)
- Pedro Burgazzoli (Bass)
- Pablo Blanco (Drums)




Label : SELLO

Official US distribution by Sevared Records
Official distribution in Chile by Charred Remains Records
Official distribution in Brazil by Guttural Brutality Prods
Official distribution in Argentina by Grinder Cirujano Recs


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