Saturday, November 14, 2020

Arvas releases new single 'Silent Night'

''It is not about originality but having the balls to re new and explore the musical landscape we are
working in regardless of genre” – V-Rex.
Arvas, formerly known as the black metal band Örth, is a Norwegian extreme metal band formed in
Bergen in 1993 by V-Rex. The band formally changed its name to Arvas in 2000.
Arvas plays a form of a fine mix of different genres in the extreme metal genre; where thrash, death
and black metal is perfectly put together as one in a sonic delight of the pure intense and the most
honest approach.
Their live show is powerful and energetic. They’ve also shared stages with bands like Throne Of
Kartasis, Urgehal, 1349, The Ruins Of Beverast, Saturnian Mist, Inferno, Nocturnal Breed, Primordial,
Archgoat, Acherontas and many more.
Arvas discog:
- Countless Souls at Dawn, demo. - 2001
- I Am Thy Grief, demo. - 2003
- Dawn of Satan/Uncle Satan, promo. - 2009
A split album with Hordagaard, released by Azermedoth Records.
- Blessed from Below – Ad Sathanas Noctum, 1st. album. - 2009
Released by Odium Rec in 2009 and re-issued by Satanic Art Media in 2016.
- Into The Realm Of The Occult, 2nd album. - 2013
Released by ATMF Records
- Black Satanic Mysticism, 3rd album. - 2015
Released by ATMF Records
- BlackPath, 4th album. - 2017
Released by Target Music
- Equanimity, 5th album. - 2019
Released by Satanic Art Media
- Silent Night, 1st single. - 2020
Released by Whispering Voice Records
- VI, 6th Album. Coming out in 2021
Will be released by Whispering Voice Records
Short history of Arvas.
After the band changed its name to Arvas two demos was recorded. “Countless Souls at Dawn” in
2001 and “I Am Thy Grief” in 2003. Then in 2009, a Promo (Promo 09) consisting of Early demos and
some new songs plus a split album with Hordagaard titled “Dawn of Satan/Uncle Satan”, was
released by Azermedoth Records.
The band’s first official full-length album was “Blessed from Below – Ad Sathanas Noctum” released
by Odium Rec in 2009 and re-issued by Satanic Art Media in 2016.
In March 2013 Arvas toured the East European countries supporting Deicide on their ‘End Of The
World Tour’. After that they recorded their 2
nd album, “Into The Realm Of The Occult”, in Nov. 2013,
and released it on the Italian label ATMF Records.
Their 3
rd album “Black Satanic Mysticism” that came out in March 2015. Was also released by the
Italian label ATMF Records.
In 2016 they did the “Black Satanic Mysticism Tour’’ & Kings of Black Metal Festival in Germany.
''BlackPath'' was released by Target Music 2017 and was the bands 4th album. It received great
reviews in the press and was the first album that included all members writing credits.
2019 sees the 5th release and was released November 2019 via Satanic Art Media, titled
''Equanimity''. This release was the first release featuring V-Rex performing ALL instruments and his
comeback on vocals since 2013.
A live band was recruited, and a small Norwegian run took place fall 2019, before the album was
released, followed up by a UK run in December 2019. The musicians for these dates are now all
permanent members of the band.
A single was recorded in fall 2020 and released Nov. 6th by Whispering Voice Records. This release
features a brand-new track from their next album “VI” which is set to be released by Whispering
Voice records in the fall of 2021.
“VI” will be Arvas 6th full-length release in their saga. The music of this album will be in the vein of
some of the earlier releases, faster and more brutal.
Live Musicians Anno 2019:
- V-Rex: Lead/Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals
- Jarl Ivar Brynhildsvoll (x-Ancestral Legacy): Bass
- Kristoffer Lunden (The Dark Nebula/ Son Of A Shotgun/You Suffer/Glimt/'Step In' Drummer
for Blood Red Throne): Drums
- Roald Floberg (Glimt): Guitars
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