Thursday, November 5, 2020

Backdrop Falls launches a energetic punk rock album with distribution in 10 countries

Backdrop Falls are a punk rock and pop punk band from Brazil. After forming in 2014, the band currently consist of Matheus Collyer (guitar and lead vocals), Roger Capone (drums) Ilton Tiger (bass) and Rafael Neutral (guitar). They have adopted influences from punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock to build their attractive sound. Since their new album There’s No Such Place As Home dropped on May 22nd, the band have decided to utilise their national popularity to gain exposure outside of Brazil. Thus, the band have joined forces with ten labels to provide the new LP with a worldwide release in CD digipack and K7 formats.  

Brazilian punk rock band Backdrop Falls joinning forces to 10 labels across the world to release their new record “There’s no such place as home” in cd digipack and K7 format. ‘There’s No Such Place As Home,’ the somewhat nihilistic title sets the mood for what’s coming lyric-wise when you first listen to this record. Backdrop Falls’ debut comes with an interesting approach and unloads some anxiety-driven choruses through nine aggressive yet melodic punk rock tunes. Their first full-length, features an energetic kind of punk rock sound combined with heartfelt reflexive lyrics that persistently question one’s role in modern society.  

There’s No Such Place As Home delivers a serious approach to foundations of pop-punk music, but it’s been pervaded by the catchiness of 90s skate punk music that received a special treatment comprised of modern arrangements and production. The compositions are highlighted by glorious guitar dualities, astonishing melodies are striving for dominance while the massiveness of the second guitar is floating somewhere in the middle. Basslines are beyond comprehension and they’re a special treat to the hearing apparatus and these virtuosities are gradually supported by the impressive drumming that reasonably sticks to the mid-tempos throughout the entire album. Backdrop Falls have simply recorded an impressive melodic punk rock album composed of potential radio hits and with the highly intelligent lyrics like this, it’s only a matter of time when they’ll reach well-deserved radio play. If you’re looking out for a further examination of their sound, Backdrop Falls levitates somewhere near to the sound of Millencolin, Bodyjar, Alkaline Trio, Rise Against, AFI, Hoobastank, Foo Fighter, and the rest of similar artists.  

The record is already available in digital format throught Electric Funeral Records, and the album distribution throught  several labels is set to release in the  second week of october. Labels involved in the K7 distribution are Electric Funeral Records (Brazil) and Dinamite Records (USA). Labels involved in the cd digipack distribution are: Electric Funeral Records (Brazil), Geenger Records (Croatia), Duff Records (Italy), 20 Chords Records (Spain), Infected Records (Portugal), Bomber Music (UK), Razor Records (Argentina), Audioslam (Chile), Mevzu Records (Turkey) and Dinamite Records (USA).   



Equipe Collapse Agency
Flavio Neto, Rafael Neutral e Sylvia Sussekind.


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