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Bug Valley Records Artist : Autumn Tree,Rovar,Red County Jail,Order 69.

Autumn Tree
Autumn Tree is a post grunge band from Mannheim, Germany, founded in late summer 2016. In August 2018, they released their first EP 'All You Need Is My Voodoo!', which was produced by German producer Tobias Katzenberger at Maison Derrère-Studios in Mannheim. After some changes they went the usual way of a newcomer band, playing small club shows and newcomer-contests. They made it to the semi finals of the biggest Battle of the bands of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, SPH Musicmasters, and got a lot of attention. Autumn Tree then played a number of support shows for well known German bands such as Motorjesus or Cryptex. In September 2019, Autumn Tree released a single 'I Know'. Their debut album 'Autumn Tree' followed a month after. Their debut album was highly acclaimed by German magazines and received a lot of airplay on radio. Since early 2020, the band collaborate with Bug Valley Records, a small label from their hometown Mannheim. The planned tour in march 2020 could not happen due to COVID-19.

Kai Lutz - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Denis Bopp - Lead Guitar, BG Vocals
Norbert Galan - Bass
Aaron Kirsch - Drums

Autumn Tree:

Rovar came to life in march 2018. Luca Mewes and Paul Ulrich, who played together in other projects before were joined by Bennet Fuchs to complete the rock-band. Quickly the trio developed a great sense for playing and writing together. With a lot of gigs under their belt Rovar decided to capture the energy of their intense live shows on a record. They came up with a self-titled EP as their first release in July 2019 featuring a heavy riff-driven rock sound and a lot of vintage vibes. The band continues to refine their sound and songwriting skills. Rovar is currently recording the first LP, which will be released by Bug Valley Records later this year.

Luca Mewes - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Ulrich - Bass & Backing Vocals
Bennet Fuchs - Drums



Red County Jail

Modern Vintage Rock. A statement. The band – Red County Jail from Germany. In changing times, a more global and digital music industry, honest attitudes like those of the 5 guys from Germany are a true blessing. Nothing is fake. The musical might jumping out on record is even more impressive live. They’re a tasty treat for friends of powerful handmade music.
The band, centered around Steve Joachim, who previously fronted the group BLIND, grapple with everyday issues in a fresh way – adding in a healthy dose of the good old „school of rock“! Red County Jail have burst onto the big scene by playing at festivals such as Reload and Rocco del Schlacko. After dedicating 2020 to writing new material, the band is now looking forward to releasing their new album in 2021, under the Bug Valley Records label. An exciting band in crazy times!

Steve Joachim - Vocals
Lukas Bierbrauer - Bass & Vocals
Sebastian Feige - Guitar
Alex Mergenthal – Guitar
Christian Antwerpen - Drums

Red County Jail:

Order 69
With Order 69 from Münster, Germany, there is once again a breath of fresh air for everyone who likes handmade rock music with a good portion of party program. Like fire and gasoline, rhythm brothers Özdemir and lead singer Ramin harmonize together on stage. Their connection forms an independent soul that carries over to the music and inspires. Their love for blues meets dirty rock, the raw energy of youth, which is how the band creates their unclassifiable sound.

Ramin Safarabadi -  Vocals & Guitar
Kenan Özdemir - Bass
Levent Özdemir  - Drums

Order 69:


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