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Cosmic Anguish Abounds As ANCIENT THRONES Release Concept Album “The Veil”; Full Stream via Decibel

L-R: Dylan Wallace (Guitar)| Nick Leslie (Guitar)| Sean Hickey (Drums, Vocals)| Matt LeBlanc (Bass)
Photo Credit – Matt LeBlanc

For fans of Revocation, Skeletonwitch, The Red Chord, The Black Dahlia Murder, Wolves in the Throne Room

Cosmic Anguish Abounds As Ancient Thrones Release Concept Album “The Veil”

Premiere Album Stream via Decibel Magazine

New Album "The Veil" Out November 6th

Canada’s Ancient Thrones have had much lead up to the release of their new album “The Veil” with three singles, now the wait is over and fans around the world can experience the entire melodic, gritty story on the concept album.

Ancient Thrones shares their madness behind the music and their hopes for listeners:

“The record is a concept record so it’s meant to be listened to in its entirety to get the full experience of the story. Even the songs were written and laid out in a way that they seamlessly transition into each other. Almost as if it was just one long piece of music broken up into separate parts as tracks. We want people to headbang and mosh, but we also want to bring people on a journey through this world of purgatory and grief and understand each phase of grief the record represents through the 10 tracks.”

“The Veil” is a 57-minute descent into the afterlife. Ancient Thrones intends to tell a compelling story of grief that people can relate to through a dark and progressive package droning with cosmic anguish where nothing is as it appears both musically and lyrically. Much like the album, the band went through a metamorphosis writing this piece and grew together as musicians, songwriters, and people.

Recommended for fans of Revocation, The Red Chord, and The Black Dahlia Murder, “The Veil” will be officially out as of Friday, October 30th, 2020 and before it drops, the record can be heard in full on Decibel Magazine HERE.

The album will be available on Bandcamp, SpotifyApple Music, Amazon.

Track Listing:
1. Transient (1:58)
2. The Sight of Oblivion (6:00)
3. The Millionth Grave (5:53)
4. The Soul to Flesh (6:14)
5. Viduus (The Veil) (9:29)
6. Sentient (2:11)
7. The River of Rain (4:32)
8. Divided/Dissolve (9:12)
9. The Infinite Eyes (9:10)
10. Permanent (2:54)
Album Length: 57:38

More info:


Ancient Thrones, formerly “Abysseral Throne”, is a locally acclaimed blackened metal outfit that rebranded to suit major changes in line-up and songwriting.

Formed in 2011, they quickly went to work to establish themselves among their scene and gained local notoriety eventually allowing them the opportunities to open for renowned metal acts from across the globe.

Sean Hickey (drums/vocals) is the sole original founder of Abysseral remaining, Matt LeBlanc joined in 2015 on bass and improved and refined the sound and operation drastically. Once they lost their original singer and guitar player Jonny Rains, Dylan Wallace joined and took over main songwriting duties. Hickey took over completely on vocals with a black/death metal vocal style, and Nick Leslie joined shortly after on the second guitar. Work began on writing a new album which took about 3 months to write the music for. The new material sparked the name change to Ancient Thrones as an homage to one of Hickey’s favorite bands and inspirations, Wolves in the Throne Room.

In 2013 the band released its debut record and its subsequent follow-up in 2016, “Storming The Black Gate”, which was nominated for an East Coast Music Award. Ancient Thrones have toured throughout Canada, and played at several festivals, sharing the stages with bands such as Silverstein, The Agonist, Black Crown Initiate, and Skull Fist.

2020 sees the release of the concept album “The Veil” showcasing the band’s desire for storytelling and pushing them to new heights musically. The new album explores the journey of a man faced with tragedy, his mortality and ultimately the permanence of our actions told through technical soundscapes and haunting atmosphere.

- 30 - 

"A full-throttle attack, the song (The Sight of Oblivion) delivers bludgeoning rhythms, vicious darting and slashing guitar-work, scorching blackened shrieks, and cold-hearted roars. There’s a brazen, borderline-unhinged quality to the barrage, generated by screaming, rapidly whirling leads, magma-like bass notes, and fast-changing, bone-cracking drums. But within the assault there are also fluid, sinuous melodic leads whose mellifluous, reverberating tones give the music a mysterious, mesmerizing, and mournful quality. And near the end one of those leads morphs into a fret-burning dual-guitar extravaganza that really gets the blood rushing." - No Clean Singing

"a 57-minute descent into purgatory…." - Permafrost Today

"The Sight of Oblivion and The Millionth Grave are steeped in ferociousness and savagery as only a band well versed in blackened death metal are capable of producing.8.5/10" - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"With this new incarnation, Ancient Thrones has moved into strict Black/Death territory, producing an album filled with pummeling riffs, intricate song structures, and technical musicianship that's leavened by atmospheric segments and epic, sometimes audacious melodies that border on Cascadian. The production matches this style perfectly, being heavy and abrasive while allowing the songs enough room to stretch out... fans of more epic and melodic Black/Death will want to give The Veil a listen. 4/5" - The Metal Crypt


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