Sunday, November 8, 2020


Dead Harrison is a doom rock trio that has been performing together for a decade. Their sound reflects elements of punk, goth, metal, and rock influenced by bands such as Type O Negative, Corrosion of Conformity, Sisters of Mercy, Black Sabbath, and the Misfits. The band was created by drummer/lead singer Andre Dumont, who has been in several well-known bands. In 2008 he formed Dead Harrison with his brother, guitarist Shawn Dube, and long-time friend, bassist Jason Skulls. Andre took the band in a creative direction that differentiated them from bands in the metal and rock genres, by using predominantly clean style male vocals, tastefully interspersed with harsh growls and upbeat punk rock rally cries, heavy melodic guitar riffs and dark harmonies. The lyrical content is descriptive and moving, forming a visual canvas and impressionistic content. Everything about Dead Harrison is mysterious and spooky, yet also fun and danceable; every show is like a Halloween party. The band is diverse and does both electric and acoustic shows.

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