Saturday, November 14, 2020


DURO is one of those bands that has come to stay and they show it with their third album with only 5 years of life. With a sound already consolidated and theirs, this Cantabrian group calls their style “Rock to dry”, avoiding the hanging of any kind of label.
Their training in power-trio in the old style, makes DURO have a simple direct in terms of the
scene and forceful when it comes to sound. With a thunderous rhythmic base and some guitars to the side,
they embrace a somewhat peculiar voice, making them sound like themselves and nobody else. Hence the difficulty of resembling DURO with other bands.
Defending their language of origin, they bet on a rock in Castilian full of positive messages and
other times realistic, that make us reflect while we listen to his music.
At the moment they are immersed in their new work entitled PANDEMIA, recorded at Cubex studios by J.G.F. Escudero and produced by himself, as well as his second album “Vive”. With an idea on track and as a result of a worldwide Pandemic, Jón, Alberto and Chivi reinvent themselves and remake their initial project composing songs such as Scream, Camino or Pandemia during the state of alarm, deciding to turn their new work around. Recording what they themselves qualify as a great album.

If your thing is Rock, you can't miss it !!
Name: DURO
Style: Dry Rock
Year of formation: 2015
Residents: Cantabria
 Iván (Chivi) Saiz - Drums and backing vocals
 Alberto Maestegui - Bass and backing vocals
 Alvaro (Jón) Manjón - Voice and guitar


 Codicia (2017)

 Vive (2018) 

- Pandemia (2020)

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