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Embellish ( Gothic Metal / Terrassa, Catalonia )

Early years.

Embellish was born in 2004, the result of the ashes of a previous formation, led by David Gohe (Voice) and Miky Diablo (Guitar), they decided to start a new project with new members, (a formation that remains intact to this day ) and record a first promotional EP intended for its exclusive promotional use, in order to attract the attention of specialized record companies. In 2005 they closed a record contract with Goi Music and returned to the recording studio to complete their first album published in 2016.

"Black Tears And Deep Songs For Lost Lovers" was the chosen name of this work of which two editions were made.
(Goi Music 2016) and (Erzebet Records 2008) reissuing the album in limited edition with a tracklist full of Bonus Tracks. An album influenced by pioneering bands of the so-called "Gothic Metal", such as Him or Paradise Lost, which makes them the first and most representative pioneer group in their country of this style and was even licensed in Latin American countries by other record labels.


 After their first single and video clip "Falling", a cover of the well-known theme from the series "Twin Peaks ·, EMBELLISH attracted the attention of radio, press and television stations, even being broadcast on the list of videos of the well-known musical program "The 40 main Tv".
For two years they went on a presentation tour in various cities of the country sharing the bill with renowned bands such as with bands such as Entwine, Negative, To Die For, Charon, The 69 Eyes, Leaves eyes, Atrocity ... obtaining great criticism from them. of the press and specialized media both nationally and internationally.

"Black Tears And Deep Songs For Lost Lovers"2006


"Black Tears And Deep Songs For Lost Lovers" 2008


5 years later and after a year of composition work, the band releases their long-awaited second album, entitled "BlinDead" (Cristal Eyes Records 2012) - An album where the group shows a darker and more metal facet than its predecessor work, exploring more electronic sounds and heavier guitars in his new compositions, influenced by American bands such as Korn but without losing the initial sound that characterized them in their applauded first work.

"Blindead" 2012

Again the band is immersed in a tour around the country where they presented the new songs opening for first level bands. The album has two video clips "Valley Of Broken Smiles" that opens this second work, and "Bleed Me! a video recorded with live scenes distributed by 3 cameras and recordings by the public Made from their mobile phones, in one of the concerts that the band performed in their hometown Terrassa with an overwhelming SOLD OUT.

 After an unconditional stoppage, the band considers the next step to follow and takes a break on stage, to focus on what will be their third album, a sincere job where the group decides to move away from any label they may have had on the past, challenging themselves to conceive of what their followers and themselves already consider their best work to date.

Composed in just two months, it wasn't finished until a few years later due to family reasons that split the recording process into several phases.

Recorded in several studios in Barcelona and mixed and mastered by producer Henrik Gennert in Stockholm at the end of 2018 "A Thousand Lightyears FromYou" (self-produced) finally goes on sale. An album that could be finalized thanks to a successful crowfunding campaign where The band exceeded all expectations, obtaining an amount of more than 5,000 Euros necessary to be able to successfully complete such an ambitious work and of which they only sold 50% of their copies in pre-order even before going on sale. musical maturity of the band where new sounds are explored in an album totally different from its predecessors but which at the same time reflects the personal stamp that the band has always had in each and every one of its compositions,
Again the group releases their first video clip of the song that bears the title of the album, and a lyric video of "It's Too Late" included in their last work released at the end of 2018.

"A Thousand Lightyears FromYou" 2018

EMBELLISH “A Thousand Lightyears From You” (Official Vídeo) 2018

 In 2019 the band once again enjoyed a great moment and was signed by the company "The Fish Factory", which reissued their latest work "A Thousand Lightyears From You" on vinyl in two editions, standard and limited, which It sold out a few days after its presale.
For this edition the band returns to the recording studio to record a new song that will be added as a bonus track exclusively to the vinyl of this new edition of the album.
"Crossing The Skies" is the title of this new composition, making clear once again the good moment at the compositional level that the band currently enjoys.

The year that changed the world, it has been a very difficult year for all bands, but far from being left behind, EMBELLISH does not stop its activity and enters the recording studio again to record a new song, which is nothing more than its particular cover. from the song "Descending Angel" by the band MISFITS.
Released on the album "Cover Among Us", a compilation album of versions of MISFITS in vinyl format, the group once again makes people talk by editing said song in digital single format along with a remix and accompanied by a brilliant and effective video clip released at night Halloween of the same year from his YouTube channel:

EMBELLISH "Descending Angel" (Official video)



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