Sunday, November 22, 2020

Finnish death metal band Omnivortex has released their debut album

Photographer: Markus Paajala

November 20th 2020

Omnivortex, a 2019 formed death metal band from Helsinki, Finland releases their debut album ‘Diagrams of Consciousness’ on Friday November 20th, 2020 on both digital and physical platforms.

The album is produced, recorded and mixed by Teemu Aalto who is known for working with Finnish melodeath bands ‘Insomnium’ and ‘Omnium Gatherum’. Mastering has been done by Svante Forsbäck (Entombed, Rammstein). The band has taken influence for their music from various death-, black-, and thrash metal acts.

Niko Lindman - vocals
Severi Saarioja – guitars & vocals
Mikko Pylkkö - guitars
Aaro Koskinen - drums
Mikael Reinikka - bass

You can buy your physical copy via Bandcamp:

Picture: Markus Paajala

Omnivortex - Diagrams of Consciousness
01. Last Bearing (FI3FC2083801)
02. Cephalic Fluid Extraction (FI3FC2083802)
03. Barren (FI3FC2083803)
04. Lifeharvester (FI3FC2083804)
05. Chasm (FI3FC2083805)
06. Gargantua (FI3FC2083806)
07. Apotheosis (FI3FC2083807)
08. At the Mountains of Madness (FI3FC2083808)
09. Diagrams of Consciousness - Parallel Universe (FI3FC2083809)
Inverse Records
Kiramo 3A8
40100 Jyväskylä


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