Saturday, November 21, 2020

Finnish symphonic extreme metal band Plaguebreeder released an EP along with music video!

Promo picture: Tommi Salonen
Finnish symphonic extreme metal band Plaguebreeder released an EP named Annihilation via Inverse Records. Also a new music video The Root of Extinction is released today.

Watch The Root of Extinction music video:
The band comments:
"The song on The Root of Extinction music video is an epic one, filled with ripping rage. We filmed the video with harsh approach because we wanted to assault the viewer with the raw aggression of our music. The Root of Extinction is an ode to nuclear devastation.
Annihilation EP combines crushing blastbeats, fast guitars and brutal vocals with the doomsday atmosphere of a symphonic orchestra. In addition to the intro, video tracks The Root of Extinction and I Believe in Misanthropy there is and older war themed track Children of War which is extremely fast and brutal. The last track on the EP is the longest and most epic Plaguebreeder track to date, The Arrival of Fire. In The Arrival of Fire there is, alongside with the aggressive stodge, melancholic melodies and a Finnish chorus. The track is about the end of the world caused by eco catastrophe."
1. Dawn of the Thermonuclear Era (Intro)
2. The Root of Extinction

3. I Believe in Misanthropy
4. Children of War
5. The Arrival of Fire ​

EP cover by Tommi Salonen



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