Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Fugit (Italy) - Maze on Skin (post black metal)


For The Fans Of Alcest, Lantlos, Heretoir, Violet Cold

Fugit third album "Maze on skin" it's his most personal release to date.

The entire album created by Andrea at his home studio (fugitlab). From recordings to mixing, to creating the artwork. All of this, brought to life during the pandemic, and during a forced lockdown.
A forced look into one's self through months of isolation inside a coffin of cement, far from any human contact.

It was obvious, from the beginning, that the sound of Maze on skin, would have been a drastic change from its two predecessors, and so it came to be…

Fugit is a one man band from Italy, created by the mind of Andrea Milan. 
Formed in 2014 as a way to cope with the human condition, Andrea's music speaks from personal experiences to science to our place and purpose in this massive thing called The Universe.

Song Mp3 and media kit here and stream here

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