Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Funere presents the debut album “The world seems to be fading” by the Swiss funeral doom / death doom metal one-man band My death belongs to you!

Born from the white ashes of a tormenting and egregious experience painfully bore by Bornyhake Ormenos (Borgne, Pure, Enoid, Ancient Moon, The Path of Memory, ...)
In the midst of 2013, MY DEATH BELONGS TO YOU is a project that helps him to face his inner parlous obscurity. This moving quest was treacherous and haunted with deathtraps.
During this long and solitary journey, time’s grit abraded so many tapes before he finds a daring but wrenching way to align and realign every element in order to be able to release this first opus.

It called “The world seems to be fading”.
A Funeral Doom / Death Metal hymn for loners and secluded people who’re trying to build a heroic architecture as the cradle for a new hope but only with some damaged and crippled materials.
This opus “The world seems to be fading”, that was composed by Bornyhake Ormenos, a swiss person who lives in a country where everyone is so slow but paradoxically know nothing about Funeral Doom Metal.

A hymn for the loners and the doomers who have the habit to follow the mind-stultifying smoke to some ineffable fields close to Evoken, Shape of Despair, Esoteric, Bell Witch, and Mournful Congregation.

Was recorded and mixed and mastered by Bornyhake at Chaos Studio in 2020.
The graphical domain receives the touch of the painter dedicated to the obscure and melancholic art: Dark Embrace from Ekahyn Rob.
“The world seems to be fading” will be released through Funere in the October 10, 2020.

This new record will take you from spectral and latent ambiances to mammoth sonorous pounding of thousand strings.
From oppressing aggressiveness through majestic lamentations and make you journey through a turmoil of power and mournfulness.





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