Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Golgata - Tempel (Swedish black metal - Label : Satanath Records )

New album "Tempel" of Swedish black metal band Golgata is out on November 30, 2020!

 Golgata started as a project by the two founders in the early year of 2014. The idea was to create harsch but atmospheric music. Both founders was born and raised in the southern part of Sweden, its landscape and history soon became an important part of Golgatas music. As soon as the first song took form the band started to become more than a project. So shortly after the recording of the self-released "Industrial thought" in 2015 the founder decided to make Golgata more than just a project, and the band was formed. After three self-releases Golgata signed on to Satanath Records and released the full length album "Skam" in 2019. And the rest of the band history is not yet written. The philosophy behind the band is that the music stand for itself and should be greater than the creators behind it. Golgata should be considered as a living thing that uses the members as its tools. This is how Golgata is presented by themselves on different medias. «Who we are, are not relevant. But what we are is. What are we? We are the sound of our origin!»


S - guitars
N - bass, vocals, guitars



01. Tempel
02. Månspegel
03. Råttfångarens dans
04. Låt klockorna klämta
05. Du stod vid min grav
06. Rädsla är allt jag har
07. Bojor
08. Med din kyss kom mörkret

 Length - 37:06

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