Wednesday, November 25, 2020

GRENOUER “Ambition 999” [Deluxe Edition]

   GRENOUER’s 9th full-length album “Ambition 999” was released in 2019 Sleaszy Rider, the Greek Record Label. However, in 2020 the same album was remixed and rereleased by Russian Mazzar Records, as deluxe edition. With additional songs (17 in total) the length of the extended version exceeds 1 hour of pure music of contemporary melodic metal. The album was recorded and produced by Anssi Kippo (Finland) and Giuseppe ‘Dualized’ Bassi (Italy).
   REVIEW: “…Musically, it’s modern, greasy and distorted, but using melodies in a way similar of what can be heard in Nu Metal and Metalcore, but being different and, at the same time, accessible to a broader public due the charming melodies used in their songs, and even some ethereal elements that seems to come from Progressive Rock in some moments. Yes, it’s a different form to experiment on Modern Metal tendencies, and it’s really charming to the ears. Giuseppe DUALIZED Bassi is the guy who signs the album’s production, mix and mastering, and it can be said as an almost perfect work. The songs are sounding heavy and abrasive (as modern Metal tendencies needs to sound), but clean in a way that their melodies can be understood without problems. Yes, it’s really good,” - "Metal Mark" Garcia (Metal Temple Magazine).
   GRENOUER is a band from St Petersburg, Russia, that has been active since early 90’s and gradually progressed from extreme metal to far more melodic tunes. All GRENOUER’s albums were released worldwide by various record labels and available now on digital platforms. 21 official music videos can be viewed on the bonus DVD of GRENOUER “Ambition 999” [Deluxe Edition] as well as on the YouTube channel.


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