Saturday, November 7, 2020

Infestus - "Undead"( Dark Metal)


 In mid-1997, INFESTUS was formed by Felipe Foti, Neomar Apostol and Edgar Infante. Some months later, Eduardo Mejías arrives to the ranks of Infestus as lead singer to play what was then a Doom Death Metal.
A set of several songs was composed during the years in which the band played several successful concerts in their country and 5 of them played in their first EP demo titled "Infestus" released in 2004.
New shows and new big events happened in the way of the band, but only in the last years they reached a strong and definitive line with the union of Raul Garcia in the voice, Hector Perez in the guitar, Antonio Gonzales in the bass and Carlos. . Azuaje on the guitar. Battery to share the stage with the only founding member who is Felipe Foti on guitars.
After this alignment, finally new songs were composed and this time in English. It meant that the time had come for a new EP, so a new one was recorded and completed during the winter of 2017, "Dresses of Darkness".
and in June of 2017, "Dresses of Darkness" sees the light as a digital EP.
The band after the first EP  recorded  their second EP “Undead”. They signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider and we will release their new effort on 7 November 2020 digitally worldwide!
The music of INFESTUS can be defined  as dark Gothic Metal with a mysterious and dark opening to real darkness and anguish. Both the lyrics and the melodies can capture the listener and take him to a world of sadness and anger that was already walking in bands like MOONSPELL, TIAMAT and with strong references to the vampiric essence of CRADLE OF FILTH and THEATERS DES VAMPIRES.

Release date: 7 November 2020

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Artist/Band: INFESTUS
Title: Undead
Release date: 7 November 2020
Catalogue No. CD: SR-DIG-10

Felipe Foti: vocals, guitars
Hector Perez: guitars
Antonio Gonzales: bass
Carlos Azuaje: drums

1. Between The Evil Eyes
2. New Infest
3. No Muertos



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