Friday, November 6, 2020

KEN HENSLEY, keyboardist, composer and rock icon, dies in Spain

 From Left to Right: Gary Thain, David Byron, Mick Box, Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake

From BMG / LA CENTRAL De Comunicación we regret the death of keyboardist, composer and Rock icon, KEN HENSLEY.


From BMG and LA CENTRAL De Comunicación we mourn the death of an enigmatic and talented creator, Ken Hensley, the keyboardist of Uriah Heep, who passed away on November 4, 2020, at the age of 75 after a brief illness.


Hensley was one of the main creators and promoters of Rock. Along with other contemporary musicians, including his fellow Uriah Heep, he created genres such as Hard Rock, Heavy Rock and Progressive Rock between 1970 and 1980. He co-wrote the main hits of the time of his band Uriah Heep, such as 'Easy Livin' ',' Wizard ',' Lady In Black ',' Stealin ',' Look At Yourself ',' Return To Fantasy 'and' Free Me '. He contributed greatly to creating that powerful sound, providing not only keyboards, but also guitars and vocals on some of the British band's most beloved tracks.


Uriah Heep has sold more than 40 million albums throughout his career and Ken also enjoyed a successful solo career. Ken toured the world, performing in front of large audiences throughout the decades, from the 1970s to just a few months ago.


With a renowned work ethic, he never stopped creating great musical masterpieces. From his first band The Gods in the mid-1960s, his great illustrious decade alongside Uriah Heep. His later moment with BlackFoot or W.A.S.P. in the United States, then acting as a recognized solo artist and finally established in Spain, from where his last world tours departed.



From his home in Spain (in Agost, Alicante) Ken was recently working on his new solo compositions and also contributed strongly to the release of the new deluxe box set for "Uriah Heep: 50 Years In Rock". Until just a few days ago, we were confirming interviews with various media. Ken leaves a wife, Monica, who was with Ken in his last moments.


The news of the death of Ken Hensley comes very close to the premature death of his friend and drummer of Uriah Heep, Lee Kerslake (also settled for many years in the Canary Islands), who passed away on September 19, 2020.


Our condolences to his fans, families, friends, and loved ones.





From Bathory´zine we join the loss of this great musician. Our condolences to his 
family, friends and fans of the band.




Chema Gallego


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