Friday, November 27, 2020

Mind Driller come out strong before the end of the year: "Involution B-Sides"

 The Industrial Metal Rammer Industrial Mind Driller is back to present a new, and very special, release for this holiday season: Involution B-sides (InBolution), which will be released on December 18 internationally through Art Gates Records. . The impressive cover has been created by Arca Design.
The band released their latest, and very successful, album "Involution" in 2019 and performed it throughout Europe at concerts and festivals. Given the circumstances with the COVID-19 crisis, this six-member formation has decided to release this special EP including new songs, remixes and exclusive material impossible to find anywhere else.

1. Prophecy (Simple)
2. Overthrow (Involution B-Sides)
3. Denken (Involution B-Sides)
4. Calling At The Stars (Caos remix By J.X-Hasswut)
5. The Game (Covid remix By J.X-MD)
6. The Last Drop (Explosion remix By Scherbentanz)
7. Prophecy (Instrumental)
8. Rotten (Instrumental)
9. The Last Drop (Instrumental)

InBolution has been recorded, mixed and mastered at TheMixtery by Raúl Abellán, produced by Raúl Abellán and Mind Driller.
Presale packs and special merchandising available in December.

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