Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Mortal Pestilence: “The March Of The Plagues"

                             Special premiere of the single: ”The March Of The Plagues"

On Friday, November 6, Mortal Pestilence premiered its new single entitled "The March Of The Plagues", through a promotional video on its social networks, which is a completely independent theme from its latest record productions but that raises a look at the new sound of the band for their later works.

In the new song they are also accompanied by Alejandro Angeles on drums as a guest musician, who is also a drummer for bands like Blasphemathory and Putresence.

"The March Of The Plagues" is a song inspired by the plagues that struck ancient Egypt according to Biblical myths.
MORTAL PESTILENCE with beginnings in 2012, under the name of mortal plague, is a thrash death metal band, heir to the sound of bands like Sepultura, releasing their first album in 2016 UNIVERSAL HATRED and this year 2020 they arrive with ANTHOLOGY OF HORROR, an album inspired by the horror cinema of the 80's premiering a new lineup.

Mortal Pestilence has managed to share the stage with bands such as Demolition Hammer and Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover former members of Megadeth.


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