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Necrodeath - "Neraka" ( Extreme Metal - Iyaly)



Necrodeath is one of the most important and outrageous names in extreme metal, a distinctive influence on several modern extreme acts, who spotted Necrodeath as one of the absolute fave acts in their interviews!

. Formed back in 1984 and influenced by Slayer, Possessed, Kreator, Celtic Frost and Bathory, Necrodeath released a cult-demo tape titled 'The Shining Pentagram' and obtained an incredible success through the underground. This first demo-release is still considered a real "piece of thrash/black history"! Tons of tributes in major magazines, fanzines and other underground features highlighted the release of the first two legendary albums 'Into The Macabre' (1987) and 'Fragments Of Insanity' (1989).

It will be titled “NERAKA”, an infernal journey including five tracks. Three new songs titled “Inferno”, “Petrify” and “Succubus Rises”, one live version of “Flame of Malignance” and one classic cover from Dead Kennedys, such as “California Uber Alles”. Released as digipack format, “NERAKA” has been recorded, mixed and mastered at MusicArt Studio in Rapallo (Genoa-Italy), headquarter of NECRODEATH. About artwork, the band has renewed the collaboration with Jacob Angel (which performed “Metempsychosis” video), and Monica Tomaino, who play on the cover the role behind the titles of new three tracks: the fallen angel, Medusa and one succubus. 

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  • Brand new EP of Italian pioneers of extreme metal!
  • 3 new tracks, a live track and a cover-version of “California Uber Alles” of Dead Kennedys makes this new release a must for all fans of Necrodeath and black, thrash, death metallers and punk/hardrock fans!
  • Featuring members and ex members of Cadaveria, Opera IX, Sadist, Mastercastle!
  • Amazing artwork by Jacob Angel!
  • Watch for NECRODEATH  on tour! Stay tuned to for breaking news and tour announcements!
  • For fans of: Cadaveria, Opera IX, Pier Gonella, Sadist, Kreator, Slayer, Destruction, Sodom, Possessed, Celtic Frost and Bathory!
  • Cd released by Black Tears.
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3.Succubus Rises 

4. Flame Of Malignance - Live

5. California Uber Alles



Flegias: Vocals
Pier: Guitars

GL: Bass
Peso: Drums



Released By Sleaszy Rider,,



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