Sunday, November 15, 2020

Necrodeath : "Neraka" ( Review by Didac "Metallian" López )

Today I have to review the new Ep "Neraka" from the Italian Necrodeath legends.
The first three songs of the Ep are everything you expect from this band, Black Death uncompromising thrash with the brutal voice of Phlegias, powerful guitar riffsby Pier, the thunderous drums of Peso paired with GL's bass create asinister that few
bands today
 are unable to create.The live cut of "Flame of Malignance" sounds incredibly fast.
Dead Kennedys version of the song "California Uber Alles" sounds like Necrodeath, they have
known to take it to his land, I liked it a lot. I hope they release a new album soon.
My rating is  9/10.

                                                Review by Didac "Metallian" López 



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