Tuesday, November 17, 2020

New video clip of Maderas Bill

In 2017, four of the most prominent scoundrels of the counterculture
Tarragona formed a band, they were baptized as Maderas Bill.
Keep their names, their heads have a price:
Miguel Bill on drums, the brain of the band, the cool mind.
Leo Vocal Bill, the charismatic leader, an unpredictable human being and
Koko Bill with the bass, the beast, is rumored to have contacts with the
Chuck Berry spirits.
Pau Bill on guitar, seriousness, precision, the incendiary wah-wah.
Of very diverse musical tastes, they will eat anything you have
energy and excite them, although their references for this artifact are the
60s and 70s high energy bands: Mc5, Stooges, New Race, Destroy all
Monsters and of course the fabulous Banda Trapera del Río. Without all of them
They wouldn't be who they are, a camouflaged power trio distilling sewer sounds
to a high voltage, relating daily reality without enveloping it with a halo of
heroism. Their shows, a descent into hell, catapult them like
sonic wall above the spectators, creating an almost complicity
criminal with the public.
In 2019, they recorded their first EP, Funhouse, with six direct songs and
forceful. In this first creation they make clear their strength, which has
was captured crudely. A sordid but effective rock. You can
found in self-released physical format as CD, or in digital format on
In October 2020 they released their first video clip, the song chosen for this
film has been "Sin Ti", it means a preview of what will be his second EP that
It will be called Dirty Faces.
To this day they are still on the road. As they do not like to be secluded,
survive as musicians of fortune, if you have a concert and
find maybe I can hire them ...


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