Saturday, November 7, 2020

Passengers In Panic - "Passengers In Panic"(Folk Prog Metal - Athens)

Passengers In Panic are created at the end of 2019 in Athens, Greece, by bassist Lefteris Christou (ex-Womb Of Maggots, ex-Inactive Messiah) and Kally Voo (vocals and accordion).
Pretty soon Arcania (Funeral Storm, Karkinos, ex-Aherusia) joined the band and the same did Akis Gavalas (drummer of Sound Of Silence and one of the best Greek drummers ever!).
Arcania left quickly the band and Lela Arguri, a new and young female guitarist entered and completed the currently line-up. They mix heavy metal with Greek traditional music and folk music from all over the world, using not common (for metal) instruments and the result is just amazing! Compositions and arrangements on their upcoming debut are made by Lefteris Christou and all vocal lines and lyrics are written by Kally Voo. Lyric themes are isnpired by poems, stylists and the social reality of our days.
The album includes some guest appearances, surprise and incl. also a cover version of Pontian traditional/folk song "Tsampasin"!
•    Debut full length-album of Greek folk/prog metallers PASSENGERS IN PANIC!
•    Feat. members and ex-members of Sound Of Silence (the best progressive metal band from Greece) , Womb Of Maggots, Inactive Messiah
•    Mix of folk metal, traditional and folk Greek music with heavy metal!
•    Featuring guest appearance by Dimitris Frangioglou, a famous Greek actor!
•    Including a cover version of “Tsampasin”, a famous traditional/folk Pontian/Greek song!
•    Watch for PASSENGERS IN PANIC on tour! Stay tuned to for breaking news and tour announcements!
•    For fans of: Ataraxia, Agalloch, Ulver, The Moon And The Night Spirit, Diamanda Galas, Rotting Christ, Villagers Of Ioannina City, Wardruna, Madrugada.
•    “The Next Big Thing Of Greek folk metal!” Greek Rock Hard magazine
•    Websites:
1. Intro
2. The Undertaking
3. No Ghosts  
4. Life At It’s Best
5. Gang Of Stares
6. Tsampasin
7. Leap Of Faith
8. Shipwreck
9. To Stain
10. Nakba

Kally Voo – vocals, accordion
Lela Arguri  - guitars
Lefteris Christou (Bass),
Akis Gavalas drums


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