Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Sabrewulf's debut album is out now! A love-letter to Scandinavian Death Metal!



Sabrewulf's debut album is out now! A love-letter to Scandinavian Death Metal!

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Sabrewulfs' "Mala Suerte" is out now! Check out the album stream at our youtube page here:

This is what some magazines/blogs has to say about "Mala Suerte":

"For a genre that can be by-the-numbers in less capable hands, Sabrewulf have created a forward-looking and genre-defining album with Mala Suerte."

"Mala Suerte feels a lot like Sabrewulf’s love-letter to Scandinavian Death Metal."

"With an analogue sounding production and haunting album cover art, this record has all essentials to make it eligible for one of the best recordings of 2020, and ought to make genre dwellers of the swedeath sound excited, as with Mala Suerte, Sabrewulf have transported HM-2 influenced old school death metal to another dimension."

"Their combination of old school death metal and crust, wrapped in a traditional HM-2 sound gives an ode to death and destruction."

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Slipcase CD
180 Grams LP (Red/Black Marble vinyl)
180 Grams LP (Black vinyl)
180 Grams LP (Neon Yellow vinyl)

Bloodletter pre-order online now! 

Bloodletter hail from Chicgo, Illinois and deliver raging thrash metal with slight crossover hints. Now, they are out to teach lowly sinners that fast, melodic thrash tunes are here to stay and condemn all who listen to a damn good time.

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