Saturday, November 14, 2020

Scythe For Sore Eyes renewed their sound and released new two track single



Finnish rock/metal band Scythe For Sore Eyes renewed their line-up and refreshed their sound. As Satu Someroja replaced Timo Vilhonen as the lead singer, the band got some female energy within their expression.
Listen to the new 2-track single "Beware":
Youtube: (Beware)
Youtube: (Root of All Evil)
Scythe For Sore Eyes was founded in 2013 by Jape Nummenpää. The original line up was formed by Nummenpää and Jani Matilainen on drums, Jari Moilanen on guitar, Mesut Paksoy on bass and Timo Vilhonen on vocals.
"After our line-up changed we had to think through that what is the direction of the band and the idea was that we should try out some different paths. First new member was the guitarist Timo who's potential was obvious from the begining. Then we got the idea to push our music towards heavier aproach and that we should get a female voice on top of it. First singer we asked to join the band was Satu and she said yes! Her musical background is on choir singing and her sound suited perfectly on Sfse's melodic sound." Jape backgrounds


01. Beware
ISRC: CH6541645096

02. Root of All Evil 
ISRC: CH6541645097

Release date: Novemver 11th 2020


Vocals - Satu Someroja
Guitar - Jape Nummenpää
Guitar - Timo Rajala
Bass - Jape Nummenpää
Drums - Jani Matilainen

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