Saturday, November 7, 2020

SnakeSkin God - "SnakeSkin God" (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal - Greece )


SnakeSkin God is Heavy/Hard Rock band  from Greece

The band created  in the middle  of 2015 from Ilias Margaritis (guitars) and Chris Tsouris (drums).

The first months of 2016 the band  entered the studio (UnderGround Studio, Athens) to record the first album

Nick “Migus” Antonogiannakis (Omen, Marauder) joined the band and recorded the vocals for the album.


SnakeSkin God with no rush of time, and without any stress, prepared and completed their debut album, a really monument of hard rock and heavy metal music!

Featuring Nick "Migus" Antonogiannakis as singer, known also as singer of American power metal legends Omen and Greek classic metallers Marauder, the band made a high expectetions album!

With hard rock and heavy metal elements and inspiration from many styles of hard music, you can find on their self titled album influences from bands like Black Sabbath, Omen, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Nightstalker, Brocas Helm, Hawkwind, The Hellacopters, Accept, Black Label Society and Snowblind!

Their self-titled debut album "SnakeSkin God" will be released worldwide physically and digital on 6 November 2020 by Sleaszy Rider/MVD.


  • Debut full length-album of these talented Greek hard rock/metallers!
  • Featuring vocalist Nick “Migus”, singer also of legendary American metallers OMEN and Greek heavy metallers Marauder.
  • Mix of hard rock, beer’n’roll and classic heavy metal, plus some psychedelic parts, their music is just awesome!
  • Amazing front-cover by Tony Tzanoukakis.
  • Watch for SNAKESKIN GOD on tour! Stay tuned to for breaking news and tour announcements!
  • For fans of: Omen, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Nightstalker, Brocas Helm, Hawkwind, The Hellacopters, Accept and Snowblind!
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1. U-Turn 
2. Tripping 
3. A.S.A.I.G. 
4. Booze & Roll

5. Tough Love
6. My Temple

7. The Life

8. Ecstatic Dance 




Nikos “Migus” Antonogiannakis: vocals

Ilias Margaritis: guitars/bass

Chris Tsouris: drums



Released By Sleaszy Rider,,



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