Monday, November 23, 2020


Today’s review is of Greek Heavy Metal band Snowblind’s upcoming sixth album, out on December 11th.
As usual, they deliver some decent Heavy Metal, with hints of Hard Rock and a couple of songs that may sound perfectly fine in your town’s pub, like “Master Of My Life”. On other songs like “The Misery Is In Our Souls”, they have a dark side to their music that, combined with some compositions that remind of 90s Heavy Metal and a voice delivered by the singer of Nightfall that reminds of Blaze Bailey, makes them different from the rest.
Nonetheless, there are also some songs where the implementation of an epic atmosphere doesn’t quite work as it ought to, and it makes them sound like some bad Power Metal band (take for instance “Dreamer Alone” or “Metal Soldiers”). The album as a whole isn’t quite as good as it should and it includes some tracks that may be boring, but there are a couple of good songs that prove their veteran talent even on a weak release, and the inclusion of 2 classic songs live surely helps amend the album too. I recommend this album to fans of 70s Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Epic Heavy Metal and Power Metal. My rating is of 8/10.

                                                    Review By Varg The Mighty



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