Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Theragon - Where The Stories Begin (Art Gates Records Release: 18 December 2020)

This young five-pieced combo was formed in the city of Valencia (Spain) back in 2018, their ambition and passion for music has no limits. Influenced by artists such as Avantasia, Gloryhammer or Twilight Force these spaniards are going to hit the wall with a new approach of the Heavy Metal genre. Their debut album “Where The Stories Begin” will be released worldwide December 18th. In words of the band: "For this album we wanted to make a tribute to power metal and fantasy. Through each one of the songs you will hear our biggest influences blended with our theatrical vision of music, which will help us to bring the classic monomyth of Ariel alive. All in all, melodic power metal at its finest to make you dream and smile."

Ferran Quiles - Vocals
Alejandro Ibáñez - Guitars
Enrique García - Bass
Hèctor Palanca - Keyboards
Joan Andreu Quiles - Drums



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