Thursday, November 12, 2020

Tomorrow’s Rain release ‘The Weeping Song’, their spectacular version of Nick Cave



Tomorrow’s Rain lanzan ‘The Weeping Song’, su espectacular versión de Nick Cave

Tomorrow’s Rain, the revelation band of 2020 when it comes to dark metal, melancholic doom and gothic sounds, have released the video for ‘The Weeping Song’, the impressive cover of Nick Cave that concludes their acclaimed debut Hollow.

This is the fifth single from the album released under the AOP Records label, and as is customary in the Tel Aviv band, it features guests of luxury. In this case, neither more nor less than Anders Jacobsson of Draconian, Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land and Lisa Cuthbert, the live female voice of The Sisters Of Mercy.

On the cover of 'The Weeping Song', a Nick Cave song that appeared on the 1990 album The Good Son, its vocalist Yishai Swearts has stated the following: “Growing up in the 80s Nick Cave was always there, an idol. His lyrics found a warm place in my heart when I was very young, other than Nick being a mentor when it comes to dealing with traumatic events in life and moving on. Heal your soul and sing your pain. Nick's last two albums are a pure reflection of the message we are trying to convey in Hollow: at the end of the day we have to move on, we have to heal ourselves and continue the journey. "
"We think the interesting idea in a cover is always to bring the song to 'your own' area," continues the singer. “We never understood bands that just played the original song as it is. It makes no sense and in almost all cases it is weaker than the original, although making a cover the idea is not that it is more powerful than the original, but rather to play it with your own language, in your own way ”.
To conclude, Yishai notes that “our dear old friend Kobi Farhi from Orphaned Land sang the duet with me, the idea was that one of us would be the father and the other the son. Also joined by Anders from Draconian doing guttural voices with me and Lisa Cuthbert with female voices ”.
For his part, Kobi Farhi has stated that “Nick Cave is probably my favorite artist, second only to Leonard Cohen. From childhood to this day he never ceases to amaze me with his great ability to create heartfelt and painful music and art. I am honored to participate in a cover made for one of their classic songs. I think covers are a very complicated thing that you shouldn't carry out so easily, but this one definitely achieved its goal and it's great! ”
Delight in ‘The Weeping Song’ performed by Tomorrow’s Rain in this video created by Rafael Ortega.

Click on the screen and don't miss this huge version of the Nick Cave theme
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