Saturday, November 7, 2020

Trenchwar - "Criminal Organizations" (Thrash Metal /Turkey)

Trenchwar has been founded in 2014 as one man project by Tolga Otabatmaz (of doom/death metallers FORGOTTEN) who is huge fan of Bay Area bands such as Exodus, Testament, Vio-Lence etc. While recording the album, the monster musicians of the scene joined the band and the project became a real band. Until now the band gave only one concert. First album which is entitled “Criminal Organizations” has been recorded by Ali Öztürk at Studio Deep and mixed/mastered by Deniz Durdağ, the guitar player of the band.
Tolga came in touch with Sleaszy Rider, as he released through the same label the last album of Forgotten “Of Past And Passion” and both parties came directly to an agreement, to release “Criminal Organizations”. Out on 11 December 2020, physically/digitally by Sleaszy Rider and distribution by MVD.

•    Debut full length-album of Turkish thrash metallers TRENCHWAR!
•    Featuring Tolga Otabatmaz and Harun Altun(both of Forgotten) and members of the elite of Turkish thrash metal scene, from bands like Solitude, Darkphase and Grotesque Ceremonium.
•    Bay Area thrash at its best!
•    Watch for TRENCHWAR on tour! Stay tuned to for breaking news and tour announcements!
•    For fans of: Exodus, Slayer, Testament, Vio-Lence, Exhumer, Sodom, Destruction, Kreatpr!
•    Websites:
1. Kill
2. The Godfathers  
3. Criminal Organizations  
4. Mass Mind Rape
5. Rape Of The Week
6. Thrash Not Trash
7. Trenchwar

Harun Altun: Vocals
Dağhan Erdoğan: Lead guitars
Deniz Durdağ: Rhythm guitars
Tolga Otabatmaz: Bass
Serdar Kara: Drums


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