Saturday, November 14, 2020

What is TEC: "Genodified"

 WhatIsTec with a 5-man squad from Turkey’s most cosmopolitan city is preparing to carry its journey starting from Istanbul to the Globe. The group members, who grew up among a great variety of cultures, blend this diversity into their Djent Metal structure, using modern melodic/electronic elements and with different vocal styles. The band completed its first album Genodified in November 2019. WhatIsTec has released 2 singles called Rain Planet and Legacy before the album and shot clips for these songs as well. The Band preferred the name “Genodified” for their album, targeting the planned manipulations, the mobbing, the physical and spiritual pressures on the human race. “Genodified” is a cynical word derived from the terminologically “Genetically Modified”. Increasing the burden of man in his business and social life and being forced to survive despite this increasing burden describes a new person physically and spiritually, namely the formation of “human ver. 2”. A raven illusion is used on the album cover, and the robotic manipulation of the raven’s bone structure is a visual reference. The person who studies the artwork is expected to have the question of who knows what and how the human race will turn into If even the animals are in such alteration in the future. Myroslav Borys, whose studio is in Derby/England, made the mix & mastering for this album ( The album will have at least 1 more music video planned in the future. WhatIsTec has decided to postpone the Album Release due to pandemic and continues its search for a label while also working on its second album. WhatIsTec prefers to use polyrhythmic molds, scenarios outside of expectations, electronic infrastructures, clean and acoustic guitars and various vocals in its music. The band, which aims to deliver its music to the masses with live shows, started its journey with the “Rock Off 2019” festival held in Istanbul on July 6, 2019. The Band enjoyed supporting Opeth, Ensiferum, and Pentagram at this festival. In near-future projects; The Band aims to meet with its audience at festivals and club shows in Europe and also aims to support important groups until June 2021. The band plans to enter the studio for recording in Europe in September 2021 after completing the arrangement of its second album simultaneously.


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