Saturday, November 28, 2020


Today’s review is of Israeli Black Death Metal band Zed Destructive’s debut album.
The band lean much more towards Death than towards Black Metal, with the latter only being present as little hints on songs like the title track or “Evil Wind”. On most of the album, the band play some well-produced, modern Death Metal that may sometimes lean towards Brutal Death Metal as on “Repulsive Society”, but most than anything, they play like the current style of Melodic Death Metal of bands like Children Of Bodom or In Flames.
The concept is ok, but the songs feel really typical and barely original. Besides, this 11-track album (that includes a decent cover of Deicide’s “The Truth Above” sounds excessively long. The idea seems to be as if Arch Enemy met Dimmu Borgir, but with all the characteristics of this composition being pretty common, listening to the whole album may become egregious. Nonetheless, it seems like something that may become of interest for a larger audience of the likes of Nuclear Blast fans, but for fans of underground Extreme Metal this isn’t quite what I’d recommend.
I recommend this album to fans of Black Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal. My rating is of 7,5/10.

                                                      Review by Varg The Mighty 


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