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 History. In 2015, the idea of ​​forming a rock and / or meta band was born between Marco Pincheira, Cristian Zúñiga, Javier Bustos, Marco Sandoval and Ivan P., the idea was to find a band that would make music within the genre, but Without being pigeonholed into any specific style within it, the project aimed to create music without establishing some kind of limit, however, due to tastes, compositional styles, influences, all the compositions were derived to a global style that we could place within Heavy Metal With the exception of one more rock and roll song present on our debut LP, it is created as a recognition of the style's purest roots. The band's first rehearsal was in June 2015, immediately shaping our first song “Birth of Venus”. based on an idea by guitarist MarcoPincheira Muñoz. At the beginning of 2016 the band enters the studio ...
April 26, 2016, the band Releases their first song titled “birth of venus” on youtube.


May 28, 2016, the band releases their 2nd singletitled “long way ... the end” on youtube

Link: https: // v = drKIBp4ynuU & ab_channel = ApoliumBand2 

From July 2016, the band releases their third singlet entitled “Apolium”, on youtube

Link: https: // 

On Dec 13, 2017, the band releases the first video clip of their 4th single titled “Battle Formations” on youtube. 

Link: ? v = vgPxkUUn4Cw & t = 277s & ab_channel = ApoliumBand  

September 27, 2018, The band releases their first EP in physical CD format, which included the first 4 previously released singles, and was also released on youtube, 

Link: https: // .com / watch? v = F_HSVJwgY2g & t = 302s & ab_channel = ApoliumBand  

In Dec 2018, Guitarist Javier Bustos left, for personal reasons, who He would happily return to the band in September 2020 and continue in the band's line up.

December 28, 2019, The band releases their first LP titled as the name of the band “Apolium” and is uploaded to all music platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Itunes,Amazonmusic...)

SPOTIFY https: // ...

ITUNES  https: // 

YOUTUBE https: // V = iLc63W5P7zs ..

YOUTUBE Musichttps: //

AMAZON Musichttps: // 

NAPSTER https: // 

5 January 2020, The LP is uploaded to the YouTube channel "NWOTHM Full Albums" by its administrator, currently reaching 12 thousand reproductions, becoming the Chilean band with the highest reproduction in the channel. 

Link: = BHr0v3v-tMs & ab_channel = NWOTHMFullAlbums 

May 29, 2020, the band launches its 2nd official video clip, now more professionally, of the song “City of Shadows”, on the youtube channel “NWOTHM Full Albums” 

Link: https: // www / watch? v = mva3GCWUp5k & ab_channel = NWOTHMFullAlbums 

July 31, 2020, the band releases LP in TAPE format through “Savage Records” August 14, 2020, the band releases their 3rd videoc lip, from the song “Crime and Punishment” on the youtube channel “NWOTHM Full Albums” 

Link: https: // v = aIn5oRWJeZ8 & ab_channel = NWOTHMFullAlbums
October 31, 2020, the band releases their 4th video clip, of the song “Apolium” on the YouTube channel “NWOTHM Full Albums”

Link: https: // V = W9eIQOzYqo0 & ab_channel = NWOTHMFullAlbums 

2 of Nov 2020, The singer's departure is announced, due to personal health and age issues. And at the same time the return to the band of Javier Bustos, a guitarist who had left in 2018. Currently the band is in the process of auditioning as a vocalist, with 8 applicants, in December he will announce the new Vocalist with whom the recording of the second LP of the band. After many years of work, rehearsals, composition, recording, not without difficulties, but with valuable lessons, we have managed to release and launch our first LP “Apolium”. Which has had a good reception, basically focused on the work of the guitars who compare it with the bands Judas Priest, Running Wild and Rhapsody of fire. 

Track List Credits: 

1.Long Way ... The End (Music: Marco Sandoval, Marco Pincheira and Javier Bustos / Lyrics: Iván Peña)

 2.City of Shadows (Music: Marco Sandoval, Marco Pincheiray Javier Bustos / Lyrics: Iván Peña) 

3.Birth of Venus (Music: Marco Pincheira / Lyrics: Iván Peña)

 4.My Addiction (Music: Marco Pincheira / Lyrics: Marco Sandoval) 

5.Crime & Punishment (Music: Marco Pincheira and Javier Bustos / Lyrics: Iván Peña) 

6.Fields of Silence (Music: Marco Pincheira and Javier Bustos / Lyrics: Iván Peña) 

7.Odiseo (Music: Marco Pincheira, Javier Bustos and Cristian Zúñiga / Lyrics: Iván Peña) 

8.Battle Formation (Music: Marco Pincheira / Lyrics : Iván Peña) 

9.Genesis (Music: Marco Pincheira and Javier Bustos / Lyrics: Iván Peña) 

10.Apolium (Music: Cristián Zúñiga and Marco Pincheira / Lyrics: Marco Sandoval)

Country of origin: Chile
LP Art: JP Aguirre.
Label: no label.
Format: DIGITAL and TAPE (Through “Savage Records”)
Recording Studio: Santuario Sónico Studios.
All the music was recorded and mixed by: Adolfo Rodríguez Kaulen
Masterized by: Juan Pablo Quezada Kaulen



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