Thursday, December 3, 2020

DESCEND INTO DESPAIR – OPIUM ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of Romanian Funeral Doom Metal band Descend Into Despair’s third album.
Consisting of 3 songs, this album is pretty diverse. Overall and especially on “Ensh[r]ine”, they seem to use a tempo that is slightly higher than the usual in this style, almost as normal Doom but not quite.
Also, besides having the nihilistic and apocalyptic soundscapes that are common in the genre mixed with also common deep Death Metal vocals, the band also include a high use of keyboards that help fill that void behind the empty self depicted. This use is so high that on some parts it may be considered Dark Ambient with occasional guitars, like on “Antumbra”, which definitely makes the band pretty different.
On some parts though, notably on “Dis[re]member”, the ambience seems to be kind of uplifting, but it quickly descends back into despair, from where it rarely rises again due to the heavy weight of the existential burden it carries. Combined with some really melodic parts, the band manages to display a great number of emotions, very few of which are uplifting. While they don’t really bring too much innovation to the style, they surely portray well the shallow concept behind it.
I recommend this album to fans of Funeral Doom Metal and Dark Ambient. My rating is of 8,5/10.

                                                               Review by Varg The Mighty


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