Thursday, December 3, 2020

HATE - “Useful Junk” (Hard Rock)

Hard rock band HATE was born at
the beginning of the 80's by an idea
of three teenagers, Enzo Vittoria on
bass and vocals, David “Dido”
Caradonna and on
guitars, Luca Lopez on drums.
From the very early years, they got
noticed by the audience, thanks to
local live shows performed together
with other bands, winding up as
headliners in a concert, March 1986,
opened by their close friends
Necrodeath. It'a been definetely a
great success for the band,
considering that they played in
front of 700 people paying to attend the event. Those were the times of the
demo-tapes, and HATE released two of them. From 1986 to 1989 the band
has always been well reviewed by music magazines and rock fanzines.
HATE began to participate to concerts and festivals in many cities and right
when the band felt that things were joining the right path, tragedy struck
when Daniele suddenly died at age 23. The band split up.
Finally in 2018, after many years in which Enzo, Dido and Luca talked about
playing together again, the new powerful-hard rock cd “Useful Junk” has
been released on Oct 15th. After touring around Italy with the old mates
“Necrodeath”, the band started the recordings of their second album “Save
You”. Just before that, David Caradonna left the band, the talented guitarist
Davide Faccioli becomes the new member at the guitar.


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