Thursday, December 31, 2020

Oreamnos - Into The Night

From the ashes of Weverin comes a new band from sole members Samuel and Matthew, both of whom worked together for the entirety of Weverin's lifespan.  A different approach rises up to bring a mix of old and new, combined with a heavy atmosphere and precise riffing. Oreamnos allows Samuel's guitar playing and Matthew's precise drumming to dive into the minds of unsuspecting listeners with weight and imagination.


Sam- guitars, lead guitar, bass (Weverin, Phthisis, Governmental Crucifixion)
Matthew- drums, vocals, lead guitar, mixing/fx (Valdur, Sxuperion, Weverin, SXAP)

Album Credits:

Doug White- Watchmen Studios
Kevin Andreassian- Backroom Studios
Matthew S.- Bloody Mountain Bunker / Canyon Lodge Studios
Sean K.- mastering

Track Listing:

1. Into the Night
2. Shadows of Misery
3. Bombastic Utterances
4. Torrid Hate
5. March Towards Oblivion
6. Forlorn (Fire of Despair)




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