Monday, December 14, 2020

RANSOM Christmas Rock Song 2020


Christmas Rock Song 2020
After a year most would rather forget it’s time to move on! Time to embrace the season to be jolly! Time to start smiling again! To reconnect with the inner child inside of you! To rediscover the true meaning and magic of Christmas! In fact we are gonna hold you to Ransom until your own little fairytale comes true!

A Christmas held to Ransom’ is the new single from Ransom following hard on the heels from their hugely successful debut EP ‘ Halfway to Hell’ Swapping Hell’s bells for Sleigh bells’ This is a great fist in the air festive ‘Ranthem’ evoking memories of every Christmas wish you had as a child. Incorporating pantomime lyrics in a throwback to yesteryear! It’s the only song you’ll wanna sing this year, as we kick 2020 into touch and look to a brighter happier future for us all.


A Christmas held to Ransom

So here we are , dear brethren
It’s that time of year again,
Feel the spirits of. Christmas past
As bells are ringing with flags half mast
But don’t you worry, no time to dwell
Already been Halfway to Hell
Don’t need money, Go with the flow
Just grab your tinsel and your mistletoe...

This fairytale can still come true
If you can find the inner child inside of you

We’re Gonna ...
Hold you to Ransom over Christmas,
Take you back to all the ones you use to know
Hold you to Ransom over Christmas
Til you can hear the sound of Sleigh bells in the snow

She’s always wanted, that special toy,
From Santa’s bulging sacks of joy
You know he’s coming or has he been
Better check your chimney’s clean
Prepare a letter, cookies and milk
Make sure your stockings are made of silk
She’s pulled a cracker, I think he knows
Don’t wake the children with your ho ho ho’s


Children laughing all around
Making angels on soft white ground
It Takes me back to 79
Snow falling on the railway line
Oh the feeling just never ends
But i guess now it all still depends on
You and me and where we’re at
And if you’ll still wear my Santa’s hat
Much more to give than to receive
Just tell me baby do you still believe.....


Hold you to Ransom over Christmas

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