Wednesday, December 2, 2020

SARDONIC WITCHERY new video - "Misantropia"

 Label: WAR MARCH RECORDS (USA) Digipack CD / NIFLHEL RECORDS (Canada) Vinyl 12' / WARHEMIC PRODUCTIONS (USA) Cassette / WORSHIP TAPES (Germany) Cassette

Texas-based black metal one-man-band Sardonic Witchery returns with its third album, "Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual". The band with roots in Portugal has been playing old school black/thrash metal since 2012.

KING DEMOGORGON – Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music, Lyrics and Vocals

Special studio guests:
Miguel Santos - Studio Drums
Chris Menta - Studio guitar solos
Nebo Budor – Intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual)

1- Intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual)
2- O Circulo Das Bruxas Perversas
3- Die For Satan
4- Infernal Kingdom
5- Licantropia
6- Eterna Penumbra
7- Misantropia
8- Ancient Spirits

Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual was composed between April of 2019 and February of 2020 by King Demogorgon and recorded in 5 different studios between May and August of 2020.
The drums were recorded by Miguel Santos (Bellerophon) at HANUMAN STUDIO (PORTUGAL), Guitars and Bass were recorded by King Demogorgon at DARK THRONE STUDIOS (USA), the guitar solos were recorded by Chris Menta in his home studio (USA), the vocals were recorded by King Demogorgon at the IGNIS NOCTEM rehearsal studio (USA) and the intro (Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual) were recorded by Nebo Budor at his home studio (USA).
The album were mixed and mastered by Bruno Silva at HANUMAN STUDIO (PORTUGAL)!
Front Art design by Leonard Selzler



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