Friday, December 4, 2020


 The SNAKEYES band (formed by recently reunited Sphinx, Jose Pineda, Justi Bala and Carlos Delgado together with the Romanian singer Cosmin Aionita) inform us of all the details of the relaunch of their latest album “Evil Must Die” with a new video, prior to the concert complete that will be broadcast on January 2, in addition to announcing “Playing with Armageddon”, a CD full of bonus material: new songs, live material, acoustic adaptations and much more.

The band tells us:

"Playing with Armageddon", whose cover is the work of Leo Traverso, is the title we have chosen for the relaunch of "Evil Must Die". Re-releasing an album is unusual, but we think the least we can do is give a boost to an album in which we have invested so much time, money and work. For them, and leaving behind a year to forget, symbolically the official launch will be just when 2021 begins in which we have deposited so much optimism.

Many things have happened since just after the state of alarm was decreed we decided to continue with our plans, which despite the effort were cut short by this damn pandemic. Unfortunately we had to, and in just a few days, we had to re-plan everything again and go from doing the presentation concert and the press conference scheduled in Madrid to an acoustic and streaming format. Believing that this would happen sooner rather than later, the months passed and the impact, in what must have been a great launch, became an almost unnoticed step. So here we are again, trying to give you the best of ourselves and for this we have prepared a special edition aimed at what we miss the most: live shows, where the production is totally different from the album, which makes them a new one. experience of enjoying the band.

Also, after months composing and as a link to a new stage, we took the opportunity to release the first single of what will be the next album, which we are already working on. For this we are going to edit a Digipack in a very limited way, which will be an expansion of the current album and will consist of the following tracklist:

Playing with Armageddon (New Song)

Mask of Reality (live in Seville 2018)

Evolution (direct in Seville 2018)

Ultimate Sin (live in Seville 2018)

Down with the Devil (live in Seville 2018)

War Machine (recorded live during confinement)

The Evil Dead (recorded live during confinement)

New World Order (recorded live during confinement)

Denied (acoustic recorded at the "Evil Must Die" launch party)

Lose Control (recorded acoustic at the “Evil Must Die” launch party)

Metal Monster (Epic Version)

As the first single in advance of this release we offer you a first video of "Evolution" recorded live at the band's performance in Seville during the Metal MonsTour tour in 2018, as part of the band's participation in the Battle Metal Wacken

The full concert will be broadcast next Saturday, January 2 at 8:00 p.m. on our YouTube channel. The band will be chatting with the attendees from the chat enabled by the platform.

We also offer a page to pre-order the limited packs available on the band's website. In the following link you will find a form to make the reservation of the pack with the new CD, t-shirts. In addition, all orders will have a poster and a gift postcard.

Make your reservation here:

SnakeyeS released “Evil Must Die” on March 28th. It is a journey through ten new songs produced and mixed by the band's bassist José Pineda, which will take all the band's followers through various scenarios, both real and fictional: war, politics, religion or horror movies and literature are present throughout the album. The band assures that this is an album that lays the foundations of a style developed in previous albums: pure and solid Heavy Metal, without ornaments or labels, music made for true lovers of this style.

The latest single "I Am Evil" can be seen here:

We remember the first single "The Evil Dead": an animated story in tribute to one of the icons of horror cinema series B and the universe of cosmic horror created by the writer H.P. Lovecraft.

More information on the band's website and on their facebook page :

                                                                      I AM EVIL



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